The true history of the darkness and of the Light

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TitleThe true history of the darkness and of the Light
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The Universe

As has been said before, Nebadon is a super Universe in which there are also untold smaller universes, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and SO ON. It is created with both Light and Sound, based on fixed mathematical constants—a fact which will become exceedingly important as we progress on our venture through history.

All matter radiates this Light to certain degrees. This is what can be seen as an aura by psychically attuned people, or by Kirlian photography which captures this light as an energy around the body. There are also now computers in use that can detect and track the changing images of a person’s aura onto the computer screen.

Some scientists are already beginning to suspect that if you take Light and lower or slow its vibratory frequency, it will become, in effect, gross matter. If you slow the movement of the particles of Light down far enough, in effect condensing them, you create what is called electrum—an electromagnetic field that has positive and negative poles, electricity. If you slow and condense that still further, beyond the electromagnetic fields, the electrum will coagulate into gross matter. Gross matter then coagulates into the molecular and cellular structures called form. Those individual forms are held together by the thought that the creator originally envisioned as an ideal of for that energy, a thought form. Conversely, when we contemplate using our thought processes and then embrace that thought with our emotional energy, that thought will expand into a vibratory frequency of Light. This is the creative process.

Ramtha says that all things are created by taking that which has no speed—thought—and expanding it into that which does—light—and then slowing the light down until we can create this and that, and all that is around us.

Now this is what makes people different—the priest different from the common man, the master different from the people, the dedicated people different, or the illumined man different. They have that visionary glimpse of the universal “I,” the imaginative insight into something nobody else has. They know how to create their own worlds using this visionary principle of focussing their energies and manifesting their thought forms into their lives. Paul Twitchell writes that you can always tell this ability in them from certain signs: 1) the way they carry themselves, the poise which is not physical or mental at all but a certain something which is different from other people; 2) their eyes have a glitter or gleam which no others have; 3) they speak differently, not usually of themselves but of other things; 4) their goals are far different from anything we are accustomed to; and 5) they do not speak of Christ, the Redeemer, but of themselves as the self-redeemer.

Scientists have also discovered that there is a background Sound to the Universe, an eternal hum which, when they filter out all the known sounds of the universe coming toward the Earth, is still ever-present, and which fills the void of space. This is the sound of the Breath of God spoken of in an earlier chapter. Creation is made both of Light and of Sound.

At the entranceway to this Super Universe created of both Light and of Sound, is a sea of unmanifested individual expressions of Soul waiting to be manifested by the Creator Parents into their respective regions to begin their own individual journey into consciousness. Soul itself is a unit of awareness, and the ultimate nature of Soul is to experience in every level of Creation, and by doing so give the FATHER experience of HIS own Creation through us.

“. . . the journey we take through time and place during an incarnation in a human body is our only way to know God, because God knows his/herself in us as we journey. And so, ultimately, in the embrace of a loved one, in our feelings when we lose our mother, in our knowledge of ourselves when we experience death and birth, that is where God is.” (Clow)

This sea of souls is sometimes referred to as the cosmic sea, the Sea of Soul, or the Ocean of Love and Mercy. The collective or group consciousness of this sea of souls is referred to in one religion, Eckankar, as the Sugmad. The Nine express it this way:

“God is all-knowing and all-seeing but there are parts of God, as there are parts to every atom. . . The whole together makes one, but not all parts experience the same.”

In compiling this history, it is from the holy book of Eckankar entitled the ^ Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad or Way of the Eternal that we have chosen to draw an explanation of the levels or planes of existence within this Super Universe:

“The SUGMAD slept in ITS abode in the Ocean of Love and Mercy, but IT was not pleased with what IT had created. So IT dreamed more to understand what IT had formed in these planes.

“Again IT awoke and looked out over the vast firmaments, wondering what belonged in them. IT dreamed again and sent ITS voice rolling through these vast worlds upon worlds. ITS voice became the heavenly music and spoke the WORD which rolled through all the magnificent planes. The Word of the SUGMAD became the ECK, the Spirit of all existence. Out of this came the lords, rulers, Souls, and all beings which the SUGMAD had dreamed.

“And out of this also came ITS son, the Mahanta, the consciousness of all heavenly bliss. There were then the SUGMAD, the ECK, and the Mahanta, all of which were the one great Reality.

“The Lord spoke unto the Mahanta and said, “I have created the worlds of bliss and happiness. Yet there is spiritual immaturity in all my creatures. Therefore, I must create the lower order of worlds, the planes of matter, space, energy, and time. The worlds where there is shadow, light, and embodiments.

“The SUGMAD stretched ITS hands over all the firmaments an created the worlds of the Triloki, which consists of the four regions between the negative pole of creation and the Atma Lok.

“Within these regions IT placed the elements of matter, energy, space, and time. Here the SUGMAD created the law that nothing could exist except in relation to its opposite, called the law of polarity. Without time there could be no space, without mountains there could be no valleys. Without shadows there could be no light, and without evil there could be no good. Nor could there be ignorance without wisdom, or age without youth.

“But the SUGMAD was not yet pleased with what IT had created, so closing ITS eyes IT dreamed again. This time IT formed the spiritual hierarchy of all the universes.

“The Hierarchy began with the SUGMAD, followed by the ECK, and the Mahanta. After this came the Living ECK Master, the Adepts of the Order of the Vairagi, the lords of each plane within the higher worlds, the guardians of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, and then the lower worlds were formed for those entities named the Atma, or Soul.

“Over these worlds, which are three in number, it placed Kal Niranjan, the lord of all the negative worlds. With this, It formed the Kal force, which originated and flows out of the Niranjan as its source. Subordinate to the ECK, the Kal, however, takes precedence over all life in the lower worlds. But it is still subject to the will of the SUGMAD.

“The SUGMAD was not pleased with what had been done in ITS lower worlds so IT slept again and dreamed. Out of this dream came the lords of the lower worlds. Next the Lords of Karma were formed, the devas (angels), the planetary spirits, bruts, elementals, man, and all the creatures subordinate to him—the fish, the animals, reptiles, plants, and stones.

“All these were formed on the many planes of the lower worlds; the stars, planets and the material worlds of matter, energy, space, and time. Then the SUGMAD slept again and dreamed that all ITS manifestations needed life, so the ECK was sent into all the universes and worlds to create activity.

“With this the SUGMAD gave all the worlds ITS highest creation, the Atma. The Atma, or Soul, had to be perfected so It was sent into the worlds below, only to return to Its true home when perfect.

“. . . He placed these magnificent Adepts in charge of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, the Holy Book of the ECK Order. They are the guardians of these works, and upon each plane an Adept of the Order of the Vairag is in charge of a section of this Book of Golden Wisdom. A section of the book is within the temples of Golden Wisdom on each plane as designated by the SUGMAD.

“The planes and guardians are:

  • The Ocean of Love and Mercy – the SUGMAD.

  • The Anami Lok – the Padama Samba is the guardian of this section of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. It is kept in the Temple of Golden Wisdom known as the Sata Visic Palace.

  • The Agam Lok – the Adept here is the Mahaya Guru, guardian of the Holy Book at the Kazi Dawtz temple of Golden Wisdom.

  • The Hukikat Lok –The Adept here is the Asanga Kaya, the guardian of the Holy Book at the Jartz Chong Temple of Wisdom.

  • The Alaya Lok–the Adept here is the great Tsong Sikhsa, guardian of the Holy Book at Anakamudi Temple of Golden Wisdom.

  • The Alakh Lok—the Adept here is the Sokagampo, guardian of the Holy Book at the Tamanata Kop temple of Golden Wisdom.

  • The Atma Lok—the Adept here is Jagat Giri, guardian of the Holy Book at the Param Akshar temple of Golden Wisdom. This is the house of imperishable knowledge. It is the highest that soul can go, as long as It is attached to a physical body, to study at any of the Temples of Golden Wisdom.

In the worlds below the Atma plane (where the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad is kept for those who are able to study its golden pages) are

  • The Saguna Lok (etheric world). The Adept here is Lai Tsi, guardian of the Holy Book at the Dayaka Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Arhirit.

  • The Par Brahm Lok (Mental world)—the Adept here is the Koji Chanda, guardian of the Holy Book at the Namayatan Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Mer Kailash.

  • The Brahmanda Lok (Causal world)—the Adept here is Shamus-I-Tabriz, guardian of the Holy Book at the Sakapori Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Honu.

  • The Anda Lok (Astral world) – the Adept here is Gopal Das, guardian of the Holy Book of the Askleposis Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Sahasra-Dal-Kanwal.

  • The Pinda Lok (Physical world) –the Adept here is Rami Nuri, guardian of the Holy Book at the Moksha temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Retz, Venus.

  • The Prithvi Lok (Earth World)—the Adept here is Yaubl Sacabi, guardian of the Holy Book at the Gare-Hira temple of Golden Wisdom at Agam Des, the home of the Eshwar-Khanewale (the God-eaters) in the Himalayan mountains.

  • The Surati Lok (Mountain world) – the Adept here is Fubbi Quantz, guardian of the Holy Book at the Katsupari Monastery Temple of Golden Wisdom in northern Tibet.

  • The Asurati Lok (Desert world)—the Adept here is Banjani, guardian of the Holy Book at the Faqiti Monastery temple of Golden Wisdom in the Gobi Desert. The section here is only an introduction to the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. Chelas (students) are usually taken here to begin their study of the holy works in the dream state.”

These planes of existence are simply a higher or lower vibration of existence. As we are able to raise our vibration through spiritual exercises, through what many religions would call ‘rightness of thought’ and ‘the right way of living,’ we can become filled with Light, or truly manifest the Light that we are, and thereby raise our awareness to be able to see and travel upon these different levels of Being.

Another Universal Being called Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll, uses the very good metaphor to explain these various planes of existence, that of a television set:

“If I told him (a person watching one channel), or others around him, that the channels on each side of the one he was viewing did not exist, they would scoff. For they know there are many many channels. And yet there is no evidence at all!”

Kryon describes the universe as being arranged “from the inside out. In semicircles of influence and directorship.” And to describe the levels of spiritual hierarchy, he makes the point that power and control are not words with meanings in Universal organization as we might use them.

“The Universe is centered upon love and purpose. . . As the semicircles of influence and directorship get larger and larger from the center, the outward ones curl back inside and become the center again.”

A key to opening up an understanding of the Universe will come, he says, when Man finds that the speed of light is only a perceived barrier, and that matter and time are related so strongly that they ignore this barrier as a general rule.

Bob Frissell also uses the television metaphor to explain how wavelength or vibration is one of the keys to understanding the Universe:

“We live in a reality created solely by wavelength. The wavelength of our third-dimensional world is 7.23 centimeters. The average length of all the objects in this dimension, if you were to measure them, would be 7.23 centimeters.”

Dimensions are separated from one another by wavelength much as the notes are on a musical scale. Each tone on the scale sounds different because of its wavelength. The piano has eight white keys and five black keys, which together give its player the chromatic scale. In between each key and the next are twelve harmonic points; in dimensional terms these are the overtones. It is also the same as changing channels on a TV set. When you operate the channel control, you are tuning to different wavelengths.

It is also good to keep in mind here that the distances between stars and galaxies are also actually dimensional. Thus when we fail to see lifeforms on another planet with our third dimensional eyes, it does not mean that that planet is not inhabited. The Beings who reside there may just be living on a higher dimensional plane of existence.

Dr. Walter Russell says that “God, the Creator is Light, the invisible White Light of the undivided and unchanging Magnetic universe.” He also likens the universe to a musical instrument, the logos or Universal sound, he says, being such an important part of its construction. His example is of a harp with nine strings, with nine tones in each string.

“In Nature the lowest string is the longest. They grow gradually shorter up to the 9th. Likewise, the tonal positions and frequencies change in each string. In every case each note on each string is one octave higher than its next lower string. You will note that each string begins with zero and ends with a zero. These are the key notes of each octave.”

White Light can however, be a trap, in and of itself , if we do not truly know what we are doing or where we are going, as explained in this excerpt:

“The realization of white light for us is the accumulation of seven separate dimensions brought into one. Although the Seventh dimension and the Primordial Second dimension are very similar in the respect that they both produce a white light state in the consciousness of the seeker, the similarity stops there. The 2D is nothing but white light without any divisions or shades of difference! Returning to the 2D is, in fact, the ultimate returning to the womb, back to the beginning before creation. This may sound like what you have always been seeking, but it seems (at least to me) to be a complete reversal of the "Universal intent", that of manifestation!

“What precautions can be taken to prevent this, and how will we know if it has occurred? In the nature of precautions, paramount is the avoidance of desiring the 7D! We learned in the 6D that cessation of desire while working in the world as though we cared intently, was necessary to maintain 6D serenity. Wanting to experience the "white light" state can set in motion a 2D white light state. This is the state most, if not all, mystics experience when so intently and systematically seeking the higher levels of Nirvana!”

Remember all the references to Light that also refer to Lucifer in one or other of his many different forms. This is one way that he traps unknowing seekers after the True Light of the FATHER.

Gothic architecture, which first emerged in abut 1130,and which plays a crucial part in our book later on, is designed using sound and light simply as a reflection of how they were used in the greater construction of the Universe. Utilizing the strong telluric currents (earth forces) of the Earth goddess sites on which these buildings were intentionally built, and under the right conditions, visitors to such buildings could actually be transported into the varying dimensions. The Great Pyramid, along with many of the other pyramids and other sacred sites, was designed to do exactly the same thing.

It is no coincidence that some of these writers and thinkers have chosen to compare the Universe to a musical instrument, for music too was an essential part of this chemistry of design. Music is essentially geometry in the form of sound, and thereby, an interior space, or a Universe, can be constructed musically in accordance with any given scale. These sounds are needed in synchronizing the geometrical light forms.

This concept was expounded long ago by Pythagoras, who stated that numerical scales which agree with the ear are also the same as those which delight the eye and mind. If the FATHER’s Creation is nothing more, it is certainly wondrous to perceive with both the eye, and with the mind.

Plato, too, used musical examples as a measure of the harmonious proportion inherent in all things created of Nature, and warned that music was the greatest influence on Man and could be used both to set his spirit free, or to enslave it—whether he realized this as fact or not.

Chapter 5—The Experiment

. . . it was more valuable to create a situation whereby there was separate element – to create a universe that would then have the structure to give the atoms or cells that would be populating the Universe different existences, in those proportions necessary for each atoms attainments of its choosing.

------ The Nine.

“In the Beginning,” explain the Nine,“ the One breathed breathless by itself, and turning inward upon itself the tension of One, and became the manyfold all varying densities and intensities of matter and spirit, with the potential to become one union.”

Certainly this is a wonderful example of the implosion explanation of Creation—but its major point is that we are the MANY who have the potential of becoming the ONE again in our return to a more perfect union. We are those individualized sparks of God who must also take responsibility for our Creation and for what it is we are creating , both now and in the nows that represent what we call the future. Ramtha is always one who has been able to cut to the very heart of the matter (a word whose roots themselves go back to the original in mater or mother, hence giving us the expression-- the female form “mater-ialized”):

“Your body is young. Man, in the uprightness of his tested mobility, is only ten and one-half million years old. But you, the light-beings, have always been. Because how does one determine the beginning of contemplative thought based on time, when there wasn’t anything called time? So, you are ancient. And for billions of years, as you term and measure time, you created electrum. Then, lowering electrum into gross matter became a new and different adventure. Thus, through billions of years of design and exploration, man became a living, breathing creature of coagulated thought and intense matter.

“ALL OF THIS PLANE YOU CREATED. That is why reality would not be here if it weren’t for the lot of you. The animals are beloved, for they have been given the breath of life through you, their creators. The flowers are beloved, for they have the patterns of your beauty in them . . . all life does. And it is all because of you.

“Who are you? You are the great gods of light, the great creators of all life. You are the grand, infinite thought, magnified and lowered into creative matter. You are God, the forever thought, experiencing the form called humanity. You are God manifested as man to continue the expansion of thought into forever.”

And it is those thoughts, filled with the energy of our emotions which will create positive energies of Creation, or the dark energies of negativity and decay. It is we too who are responsible, in part, for the creation that is Lucifer. It is we who give him a place to exist within our own hearts, and supply him with the energy to exist—or not.

Lucifer, (Latin for “light-bearer”), is a translation of the Hebrew expression for “bright one.” The Hebrew prophet Isaiah used the term in referring to the king of Babylon, describing the frustrated ambition of the morning star to rise higher than all the other stars, a perfect allusion to the aims and goals of Lucifer himself: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning” (Isaiah 14:12). In the New Testament, star imagery is also applied to the figure of Christ: In 2 Peter 1:19 he is called “day star” (Greek phosphoros), and in Revelation 22:16 he is called “morning star.” The identification of Isaiah’s Lucifer with the Devil began with Saint Jerome and other Fathers of the Church, who held that Jesus implied the identification when he said, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven” (Luke 10:18). Consequently, in Patristic literature, Lucifer is used as a synonym for Satan.

The Gnostic scripture ^ The Secret Book According to John discloses the nature of Lucifer at his creation, and already implies some similarities or some kind of relationship to Jesus:

Its anointment

“(18) And the invisible virgin spirit rejoiced at the light that had come to exist and that had been shown forth out of the first power of the spirit’s forethought, who is the Barbelo. And the spirit anointed it (the spark) with its own kindness until it became perfect needing no further kindness since it had been anointed with the kindness of the invisible spirit. And it stood at rest in the presence of the spirit, which was . . (28) pouring upon it. And the moment that it received from the spirit it glorified the holy spirit and perfect forethought, because of which it had become disclosed.”

One early term for Lucifer is Ba’al. Ba’al is a Hebrew word that means “lord” or “master.” The only question is to which lord or master they were referring to when using this expression.

Numerous deities were addressed by that title in the Middle East throughout ancient history, but all their names have not come down to us. It would have caused great confusion if the English translators of the Old Testament had translated ba’al into the English word “lord”. So they left the word in Hebrew. To the reader in English it appears to be a name rather than the honorific title it is, a title that is still used in the Jewish faith. For example, one who can work miracles in the name of God is known as Ba’al shem, the lord or master of the Name. . . the Jews did not accuse Jehovah’s rival of being the devil, but rather denigrated him by calling him the lord over nothing, the Lord of the Flies or in Hebrew Ba’al-zbub. Over a thousand years later, impassioned Christians decided that any rival of Jehovah had to be the Devil and anglicized the Hebrew Lord of the Flies to Beelzebub, which they declared to be the name of Satan.

In the Hebrew Bible, as in mainstream Judaism to this day, Satan or Lucifer never appears as Western Christendom has come to know him, as the leader of an “evil empire,” an army of hostile spirits who make war on God and humankind alike? As he first appears in the Hebrew Bible, Satan is not necessarily evil, much less opposed to God. On the contrary, he appears in the book of Numbers and in Job as one of God’s obedient servants—a messenger, or angel, a word that translates the Hebrew term for messenger (mal’ak) into Greek (Angelos). In Hebrew, the angels were often called “sons of God” (ben e ‘elohim), and were envisioned as the hierarchical ranks of a great army, or the staff of a royal court.

Fusion, or the combining of all the parts into a Whole, is the true nature of God. Fission, the breaking apart of that which is one Whole, is of the nature of Lucifer. This can be seen in the explosive nature that has enveloped Mankind. That which is Dark such as the atom bomb, and the ‘Big Bang’ theory of Creation, and nuclear fission as a form of creating energy, are much more readily accepted than anything which is a coming together of elements, such as fusion.

In a speech given at the University of Munich, obtained from the SS secret archives, Dr. W. O. Schumann declared:

“In everything we recognize two principles that determine the events: light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction—as in electricity we know plus and minus. It is always: either—or.

“These two principles—the creative and destructive –also determine our technical means . . . . everything destructive is of Satanic origin, everything creative is divine . .Every technology based upon explosion or combustion has thus to be called Satanic. The coming new age will be an age of a new, positive, divine technology.”

In ^ Morals and Dogma, Masonic Grand Commander Albert Pike wrote:

“Lucifer, the Light-bearer. Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness. Lucifer, the Son of the Morning. Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!”

Fear is the greatest factor in keeping us here in a state of fission rather than of fusion. The spiritual hierarchy know this. The Nine also know this, for it is part of their role here to act as “guides, as elements of direction, as elements of purpose for those that are manifested into this Universe”:

“. . .There will be times, many times in many lifetimes, when this energy will not come to them, its not something to be afraid of. When this power comes it seems like there is no free will, but it’s the greatest free will. It is the gift of being one with the universal one without the interference of free will. It is the universal center that all humans may know if they only let go of fear.

“When all conscious beings in the Universe are united in consciousness, that consciousness is what we call God. . . “God’ is an inner core of eternal power, and the outer core is the Nine.”

The twenty-four heads of the civilizations, which are called the Universal Civilizations, have their own cohorts and family, but also act to supervise the myriad other civilizations of the Universe. These twenty-four physical civilizations exist in another dimensional realm, a different level of density in the Universe. Each one is a total collective consciousness that oversees a particular area of interest. They are capable of acting in one mind, unanimously and alchemically, and of thereby elevating their awareness and ability to an immense degree. From each civilization, physical beings have variously incarnated upon Planet Earth and at times have intervened in Earth’s history, when necessary.

Civilizations in our own galaxy, according to the Nine, would be regarded as “sub-civilizations,’ only some of which are involved with the overall purposes of the Universal Civilizations. Others are tied up with their own affairs, and yet others are “opposed to the overall scheme of things.”

Each of the planets was created and settled for some particular form of teaching and for some particular form of lesson for those who go there. I t is much like a school having separate classrooms for separate subject areas. Each planet also has a different awareness of time, depending on its density and location with regard to the central axis of the Universe. This means that those who exist on those certain planets also have differing life spans. The average Hoovid, of the planet Hoova, lives about 500,000 to 1,500,000 of our Earth years—an eternal being for one who is stuck in the 3rd dimension with a life-span of perhaps only 75 earth years. Our time goes in great slowness relative to other planets because of our physical density.

As our scientists will perhaps learn one day, each of the seven Super Universes in Creation is connected to each other one by an intricate system of what these scientists like to term “wormholes”--layers of intense energy through which other vibrations may travel much like fiber optic cables in use today. Light can travel back and forth from place to place along these energy streams (also called Cosmic Currents), as well as Light Beings, and other such positive energies.

These wormholes, therefore, create a link between all the elements of the FATHER’s Creation. This helps to further understand how a cancer, like a virus traveling along the body’s nervous electrical system, could also spread to all the others parts of Creation, if allowed to grow unchecked.

^ Creation Continues -- Earth

When the viability of Earth being a private getaway spot for Enjliou and Callia was destroyed due to Their obvious difficulties, Earth was then opened up for settlement. As time progressed, it also became the sight of the most ambitious experiment ever undertaken, an experiment in the blending of the various races of the Universe, and each races individual traits. The specifics of this will be taken up in the next chapter, Starseeding, but for now it is important to understand how the Earth and its dimensions are structured in order to be able to do this.

The first important element to understand is time, in and of itself, a dimension, just as we think of length, breadth or height. Time is also one of the strongest illusions that keeps soul trapped here in the lower dimensions. Soul is eternal, but it can be trapped in ‘the tunnel’ of this third dimension time for a very, very, very long time. It is a paradox that each one of us needs to recognize and deal with in its own time of growth and understanding. When viewed from within the MEST worlds (matter, energy, space, and time), time is seen to be linear, like travelling on one of those moving walkways at airports or shopping malls, only this one goes through a hollow plastic tube which does not seem to allow you to step beyond its confines. The is the walkway of history as we shall follow It throughout this book. When you are outside this linear tube, however, you see that time is circular, feeding back upon itself like a snake swallowing its own tail. In this case, you can travel back and forth along it, and enter at any point. The walls of the tube are the restrictions for those inside to keep them “in line.” Time, however, is all really now, and much of what we think of in this creation story didn’t happen that very long ago, relatively speaking. The time of having people on this planet is also really short when compared with the measurable age of the Universe.

What we are talking about in referring to higher and lower dimensions is that what we here on earth live in the 3rd dimension, the astral plane is the 4th dimension, and so on. While time does exist on the higher dimensions, it travels more slowly there because of their lighter vibration and/or density. Beings exist for what seem like eternities compared with life here on Earth. Therefore, experience itself must also be compacted into a more dense or concentrated form here because of the shorter time we exist here. That is why it such a popular destination for souls seeking to advance rapidly in their awareness. Like an honors class at school, they gain much more experience in a shorter period of time, and gain much more credit for it – but only if they succeed.

There are actually 14 dimensions lined concentrically around the Earth. Some groups talk about seven, others about nine or ten, and even a few that recognize as many as twelve, depending on how high their own spiritual leaders have been able to achieve. Different religious groups have their ‘heaven’ on different levels of the dimensions depending on their focus. Like those who tempt the character Christian to lay down his burden and not seek any further in that grand metaphorical novel, A Pilgrim’s Progress, they do not realize that they are really stopping short of the many levels of heaven above them. Just as on the 3rd dimensional level, many beings who exist at these higher frequencies, are also not aware that there are other levels above and below them.

A good way to visualize the form of these dimensions is given by the Council of Nine:

“Within, in your mind, visualize your Earth. Then from your Earth visualize that there are waves spiraling outward. And one wave creates another, and as it circulates, it grows. And it creates more and more. And it is heavy in the beginning, and if it has a sound it is loud of sound. And as it radiates out it becomes refined, it becomes more expansive, and all of those irritants that exist within the physical planet earth are eliminated as it becomes a pure sound and a pure wave. And if you would have it in the color of brown or blacks, as it is radiating out it is also being purified, until it becomes in truth the color of colorless, which is in truth a golden light.”

This exercise also takes note of the different densities of vibration which each plane has, and of the differing levels of purity of the Light as one goes higher [Be aware that we call this thing we live on a ‘plane-et’]. It also recognizes the accompanying sound that becomes purified as one rises until only the single note of a flute is heard. When one is able to travel through these higher vibration planes, the type of sound one hears is a good indicator of the plane on which one finds themselves working.

Each soul as it comes to the planet acquires a number of sheaths or ‘bodies’ of increasingly denser vibration, our own set of ‘dimensional holograms’, until the last we acquire is the physical shell we know as the human body. In all there are five bodies –in ascending order of vibration they are the physical, the astral, the causal, the mental or etheric, and of course Soul. While the physical body is interacting with its own seeming reality upon this planet, these finer ‘bodies’ are also interacting with their own corresponding levels of awareness. Astral travel, or travel in the astral body, is probably the best known of these. One can, however, travel in any of the five bodies, the only restriction being that one cannot go any higher than the dimension corresponding to the body in which they are travelling. When one begins to Soul travel, or travel in their soul body, then one can go to any level of any of the various planes they choose if they have earned that right.

Astral projectionists who often drift into other dimensions and find themselves grotesquely huge, find themselves looking down at an earth and moon the size of marbles. They may (also) cross what seems to be the entire universe in an instant and find themselves looking back at a Milky Way that has become nothing more than a feeble glint of light in the cosmos. And often they get the feeling that they are an infinitesimal part of something much larger.

Barbara Clow describes in one of her writings, an experience she had returning through these dimensions as describing it as through “the layers of the ego, the layers of control of the energy.” In truth, this is what they are. She relates her perception that dimensionality is vertical, and describes the planes as experiential fields:

“. . . the systems that form out of nine dimensional columns of vertical light create disks that are experiential fields which create realities. The Galaxy itself has a horizontal plane that can be divided up into twelve zones of experience, and the experiences that occur generate a vertical axis of nine dimensions at a right angle.”

She likens these various planes to levels of identity—“a structure of existence called Jacob’s Ladder,” the Biblical ladder on which angels or emissaries of God are seen to ascend and descend to earth. In truth, this is the sacred meaning of the Cross or the Rosi Crucis (the Rosy Cross which is the cross within the circle)—the x and y vertical axes of the multidimensional Universe.

Each Universal body has its own dimensional system. Many planets have only a basic ten-dimensional system. Earth, with fourteen, is indeed a very special planet. This explains why a planet can be inhabited by multitudes of sentient beings living at a different vibrational or dimensional level, without our Earth scientists being able to see them with through 3rd dimensional eyes and with 3rd dimensional equipment. Participants trained in the U.S. and Russian government’s remote viewing programs have stories to tell of being able to bilocate to other planets and watch the lifeforms there carrying on about their business without being seen themselves.

Author Bob Frissell says that even though a person may be able to travel in their merkaba (the body’s own interdimensional light-space vehicle) to other planes or levels of existence, if their consciousness is not developed enough to handle the higher vibrational levels, they will not be able to remain. Certain beings, he says, have managed to move through all the dimensional levels and remain conscious. Some beings have even been able to master all 144 dimensional levels and their overtones while remaining conscious and stable along the way. These “144” levels he refers to are the accessible twelve dimensions and the twelve harmonic overtones which accompany each one of them (12x12=144). The beings who have been able to come and go through all the many various levels or dimensions are what many here on Earth would call the Ascended Masters.

Even the planet Earth itself has, or is, its own dimension of consciousness, known as Gaia. It exists on and is the 2nd dimensional level as we know it. As Clow describes it, Gaia simply is an energy that holds frequencies. Trees are a direct connection between the 2nd and the 3rd dimensions–they bring the energy of the one into the energies of the other to help create and support it. The best way to in fact get ‘grounded’ is actually to go and ‘hug” a tree. In studying the theories of agriculture, one is actually studying the aspects of Creation itself on one level or another. Each living physical body is surrounded by an energy body that is the blueprint of the physical body. Before a plant starts to grow a leaf, it can be detected in the energy field surrounding the plant. Changes in the physical form can be detected in the energy field first. This energy field is a super-physical field. Western man’s isolation from the land has taken him farther and farther away from an understanding of the natural cycles of birth, death, and rebirth which is reincarnation, and the practical application of that science to his FATHER's lands, in all dimensions of existence.

The human body is an electro-magnetic energy-form with structural lines of force running around it which can be used to heal the body of illness and dis-ease using techniques such as acupuncture, energy work, or shiatsu. So does planet Earth. The system of magnetic lines of energy which intersect to form a grid or net-work surrounding the planet are called ley lines. An understanding of these will help us to understand many of the religious practices carried out on the planet since its inception, and also how the planet can and has been used as a weapon in the struggle for the ultimate control over its inhabitants.

Energy organizes itself in fields and networks, with major and minor nodes of energy-interchange, connected by meridians or energy-links. From an esoteric viewpoint, no physical form can exist and take shape unless there is a subtle energy-field to give it patterning and the inner basis for existing. And these energy-fields are the outward manifestations of consciousness, which also organizes itself in patterns.

These energy fields which surround all conscious things are studied in the field called morphogenetics. Simply put, life or matter must have a boundary of electro-magnetic energy into which it can place itself; a boundary which serves to stop its atoms from floating off into space. This is the thought form into which the energy of emotion is placed to ‘materialize’ something into being.

Imagine, if you will, a large net in which there are thousands of balloons trapped into a single shape. Then imagine what would happen if that net were not there or was opened up to set the balloons free. So it is with Creation. Everything needs a structure into which its energy can be placed—for that is all we and everything else are, Sound and Light energy, slowed down into what we think of as gross matter.

As Gregg Braden says, we are bathed in electrical potential throughout our life, and it is this “trickle charge” of static electricity that is partially responsible for holding the magnetic alignment between our body and the patterns of our experience.

Braden cites recent studies which have validated the brain/earth relationship through magnetics. One international team studying the phenomenon of “magnetoreception” (the ability of the body to detect magnetic fluctuations) announced that the human brain contains “millions of tiny particles” which can, in turn, be consciously tuned to resonate with the vibrations of planetary consciousness. The magnetic particles within the brain serve as a physical link; the static potential serves as the “trickle charge” holding the information component of the particles in place.

Ancient texts have always told us that the body seeks to find a harmonic balance between itself and planet Earth. This is a prime requisite for people who wish to achieve greater spiritual harmony in their lives. Our separation from Mother Earth does not allow us to ever feel fully grounded into our bodies, nor our lives to harmoniously synchronize with the various ebbs and flows of natural cycles here.

Braden’s work also suggests that this balance between mind and earth is the goal of the life experience, echoing the spiritual-physical balance we have already talked about. It may, he says, be consciously regulated through the use of non-polarized thoughts of forgiveness and feelings of compassion.

Part of the system of our own DNA consists of invisible magnetic strands which provide the magnetically stored information to each cell to help it function. These magnetic DNA streams also help create the morphogenetic field or aura around our bodies. This magnetic information helps the cells to know what their purpose is, as well as to detail each cell’s regeneration properties. This new information also helps to explain why some spiritually aware people are convinced that we have more DNA strands coming, to complete our “ageless body” ascended forms. If some of these strands are invisible, or non biological, then many of us may already have some of them in place.

The magnetics involved act like a coding sequence for the cells just like magnetic tape. Cells will actually secrete chemicals in direct response to magnetic stimulation of focused fields. Our biology doesn’t just react to any magnetic field but only to a certain kind. A magnetic focused field is any magnetic field that is designed. A simple magnet is a focused field. It has symmetrical lines of influence and a known strength which is constant. An electromagnet is even better. Common household objects such electric blankets, electric motors, a hair dryer, static magnets for stereo or CD, a neighborhood transformer box , your computer, speakers ---if it can swing a compass needle, then it can affect you!

The Akashic Records are stored magnetically in the electro-magnetic or morphogenetic fields that surround the planet. These are the memory banks of all that has gone on within the planets energy field since the very beginning of time. A person’s aura works just the same way to store everything that has ever gone on within that Soul’s individual existence.

Are you beginning to get a picture now of the task that faced Enjliou, Callia, and ARTOLA, in creating the Universe? Layers upon layers upon layers of Creation, with countless forms of being, and myriad interconnecting aspects that do not happen all by themselves simply at the drop of a hat. Even They had Their helpers to help do the smaller, more individualized tasks of Creation. Certain levels of angels and devas were responsible for plant life, for animal life, and so on.

It’s kind of like when you were a kid and knew your father was an auditor, and then one day as you grew up you found out what an auditor does and how much concentration and effort it takes to do that job, so all of a sudden you start to appreciate you dad a whole lot more for what he does for you. Creation is not just the flash of a magic wand in space.

Each one of us is also able to create in much the same way, depending on our level of awareness. All we need to do is first--create an energy field by picturing what it is we want to manifest; then—fill that field or thought form with the emotional energy of desire; and then it will manifest into our lives –sooner or later depending on the strength of our desire and our focus. This is also how we manifest negative things into our lives however. By creating a picture of what we don’t want to happen, and filling it with the emotional energy of fear. We do this unconsciously throughout the day, but then it becomes a matter of ‘guard your thoughts’ and be careful what you wish for, because someday you just might get it. This is how we, too, are able to become conscious co-workers with the FATHER in Creation. Each of us has that limited ability, but not all of us have the desire, nor the concentration.

To put this all into a greater perspective let’s take a quick look at one author’s view of the composition of the MEST worlds as related to vortexes. It corresponds to closely to what Churchward describes of the Void from ancient texts, as well as what Thoth says about his experience of Time.

“Besides matter, space and time can also be seen as aspects of the vortex. Consider a vortex of energy forming matter. A vortex is not restricted to a certain area. As the vortex extends out, the energy would get thinner, would get infinitesimal small at large distances from the center, but would never disappear. This very thin matter is the apparent void of space. Or, one could say, matter is very dense space. Matter and space are two aspects of the same vortex of energy. We only perceive matter and space as different because of our senses. All our senses are limited. Our awareness is constrained within certain bands by our threshold of perception. (For instance: we can only see a limited part of the light spectrum. Our eyes can not detect light below ultraviolet or beyond infrared.)

“Matter is the dense central region of the vortex, which we can detect with our senses. Space consists of the thin peripheral region of the vortex, which is below our threshold of perception. Matter has no real boundary; its surface is subjective, corresponding to the lowest intensity of vortex energy that we can perceive. We experience everyday matter as substantial because it represents a high concentration of vortex energy. In bodies of matter, billions of vortexes are packed together in atoms and molecules. The surface of a solid, or liquid, or even a cloud of gas, marks a sudden increase in the number of vortices. This sudden high concentration of vortex energy is what our senses perceive as matter. Objects appear to have a boundary. But this is an illusion. It is simply that our senses are incapable of detecting the sparse energy spreading out in all directions.

“Human auras are undetectable to most people . . . (they)do not change with any outside influence but only when there is a change of the inner self, or spiritual difference within the individual. It is seldom that any psychic influence can reach the heart of the problem.

“Space can be pictured as a bubble of vortex energy surrounding matter. If it would be possible to remove every particle of matter in the universe, then space would completely disappear also. On the other hand, space is shaped according to the matter it engulfs. This is predicted by Relativity Theory also and is verified by experiments. Light from distant stars does not travel in straight lines through space. It is deflected by other stars that are close to its path. Once when Einstein was asked to explain his Relativity Theory in a few sentences, his reply in a nutshell was: "Remove matter from the universe, and you also remove space and time." In view of the vortex theory, time can be seen as emanating from the movement of the vortex. In general, time is established by a consecutive sequence of events. Thus the movement of the vortex creates time.

^ A Hierarchy of Super-physical Realms

“An object of which the speed of the vortex movement is increased above the speed of light will disappear from this physical universe and enter a super-physical universe. This super-physical universe has its own space-time realm, distinct from the physical space-time. The physical and super-physical universes are interpenetrating each other. They are not separated by space and time but by a dimension that is the speed of the vortex movement. It is well possible that this super-physical realm has its own critical speed of vortex movement; for instance twice the speed of light. Going through this barrier would transubstantiate an object into a second higher realm of super-energy and so on. Each higher realm includes all the lower ones, because greater speeds contain all lesser speeds. In each realm, all forms of energy with speeds at or below the speed of its critical speed can exist.

“The super-physical is the living sphere of nature elementals like elves, gnomes and fairies. Higher realms are occupied by angelic beings, of which is often said that they inhabit a hierarchy of worlds. In view of the vortex, each of these worlds would be characterized by a certain critical speed of the vortex energy.”
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