David Morris, PhD

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David Morris, PhD

David Morris is a writer, scholar and teacher.  In 2002 he accepted a position as University Professor at the University of Virginia, where he focuses on interdisciplinary studies in literature, medicine, and the environment.  He has held fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the National Science Foundation.  
As a scholar of British literature, he wrote numerous essays and two prize-winning books—The Religious Sublime (1972) and Alexander Pope: The Genius of Sense (1984)—before resigning a tenured professorship at the University of Iowa in order to write full time.  In 1991 he published The Culture of Pain, which won a prestigious PEN prize and has been translated into German, Spanish, and Japanese.  He has subsequently lectured and written on pain for a variety of audiences, including an award-winning article in Arthritis Today and keynote addresses to the American Pain Society, the New Zealand Pain Society, and the English-Irish Pain Society.  In 1999, he gave the annual Gunn-Loke Lecture at the University of Washington Multidisciplinary Pain Center, and in August 2002 he delivered a plenary address at the quadrennial World Congress on Pain.  
His most recent books are ^ Earth Warrior (1995), which describes the voyage he took with environmental activist Paul Watson on a ship-ramming, anti-driftnet campaign in the North Pacific, and Illness and Culture in the Postmodern Age (1998), which describes how we are coming to understand illness as constructed at the crossroads of biology and culture.  In summer 2005, the International Association for the Study of Pain will publish the volume of essays Narrative, Pain, and Suffering that he co-edited with pain specialists John D. Loeser and Daniel B. Carr.  

^ Medicine and the Muse Committee:

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James Andrews, SMS I Jason Moss, SMS I

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Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities Scholarly Concentration and Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics

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and the MUSE

Thursday April 21, 2005

Cantor Arts Center

Stanford University

An Arts, Humanities,

and Medicine Symposium

James Andrews

Welcome and Introduction

Bryan Maxwell

Introduction of Dr. Morris

David Morris, PhD

“Pain and Narrative: Where does it Hurt?”

Jessica Goldman, Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Jr., Joyce Pan, and Erin Butler

“The Essence of Merce Cunningham Dance: Discovery of New Biomechanical Abilities”

Hetty Eisenberg

“Spiritual Method and Medical Practice:

Lessons from Tibetan Buddhist Medicine”

Prasanna Ananth

Songs in the South Indian classical

style of Carnatic Music

“Swaminatha,” Raagam-- Nattai, by Dikshitar

"Ennathavam," Raagam--Kaapi, by Papanasam Sivan

Chris Adams

^ Hoy Tenemos: A Novel”

Tina Alee

Poetry Reading

Candace Pau

Anatomy Memorial Ceremony Poem

Cheri Blauwet

“The Paralympics: Promoting Health

and Human Rights Through Sport”

Jason Moss (Vocals) and Jonathan Riboh (Guitar/Vocals)

“Medicine” by Guster

Lori Rutman

“Healing HeARTs:  Art and Writing

by the Children of Lucille

Packard Children's Hospital”

Cindy Mong (Viola)

Bach Suite No. 6

Matt Siedhoff (Voice/Piano)

“Sunrays and Saturdays”

by Matthew Scannell

Audrey Shafer, MD

Concluding Remarks


Rajesh Gupta

Le Sheik: “Global Space”


Downtempo Electronica


Nicole Brown Stephanie Martinez

Erin Butler Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Jr.

Suzanne Caadium Joyce Pan

Joanna Chan Rena Patel

Bruno Chazaro-Cavero Ly Truong

Vanessa Gabrovsky Aaron Wang

Mana Golzari Ken Westover

Jessica Goldman Joanna Wrede

Lorinna Lombardi Celina Yong

Ryan Louie

Please Join Us

For A Reception

Following the Symposium

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