Essay Topics for the Renaissance/Reformation Unit Test

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TitleEssay Topics for the Renaissance/Reformation Unit Test
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Essay Topics for the Renaissance/Reformation Unit Test

You need to be prepared to answer in essay form all of the following questions. Your teacher will choose 1 of these on test day and you must answer that one question.

  1. To what extent and in what ways may the Renaissance be regarded as a turning point in the Western intellectual and cultural tradition? 1977

  1. Discuss how Renaissance ideas are expressed in the Italian art of the period, referring to THREE specific works and artists. 1998

  1. Explain the ways in which Italian Renaissance humanism transformed ideas about the individuals role in society. 1994

  1. Discuss the political and social consequences of the Protestant Reformation in the first half of the sixteenth century. 2001

  1. Compare and contrast the Lutheran Reformation and the Catholic Reformation of the sixteenth century regarding the reform of both religious doctrines and religious practices. 1998

  1. The pictures below and on the next page show the interiors of a Protestant church and a Roman Catholic church as each appeared in the first half of the seventeenth century. Using these pictures as a starting point, explain how these interiors reflect the differing theologies and religious practices of Protestantism and Catholicism at that time. (Refer to page 7 of Photograph-Based Questions.) 1992

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